Do You Suffer From:

• Bloating
• Unwanted Gas
• Abdominal Cramping
• Abdominal Pain
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Food Sensitivities
• Acid Reflux

How do you know if this program is right for you?

If you are struggling with digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Crohn's disease, colitis, Leaky Gut, and more then this program is for you!

The Healthy Gut Institute can help you start to look and feel your best. Stop the pain and suffering now. Heal your gut and live life pain free!

“Over the years, I have helped thousands of patients overcome unrelenting gut health issues which have allowed them to live healthier happier lives.” - Dr. Dempster, ND

Together We Will Take That Very First Step in Restoring Your Gut Health!

I have witnessed first hand how common gut issues are in today's society. In order to reach people like you, I have created an easy to use, step-by-step guided program that can be accessed in the comfort of your own home.  

Through my cutting edge HEAL methodology, you will learn how to live pain free by finally kicking your gut issues to the curb in SIX weeks or less!

You Will Find Out About:

✔ THE most important lifestyle factor for your health

✔ The #1 essential oil for your gut

✔ The Dr. Dempster, ND approved shopping list, ready for you to take to your local grocery store and get started TODAY!

✔ The top 3 fermented foods for gut health

✔ How to HEAL and SEAL leaky gut permanently

✔ Myths and Truths around fiber: which ones to consume and avoid

✔ How to identify and eliminate parasites

✔ How to identify FODMAP foods and information on the FODMAP diet

✔ How to eat REAL foods again without an overly complicated, restrictive diet

✔ And MUCH, MUCH more! 

Dr. Dempster, ND's HEAL Methodology

6 In-Depth Modules + 10 Bonus Expert Interviews

image module 1 Quickstart

Ready to make BIG changes FAST? This module will help you get some big 'wins' under your belt quickly and will create momentum that will carry you through the rest of the program. We will go over basic principles that will set you up for success!

image Module 2 Overview of the Gut

This module is intended to cast the net wide and address all of your 'other' organ systems that impact your gut health. It serves you (and your gut) well when all of your organ systems work together in a harmonious, clean, and efficient manner.

image Module 3 Heal and Seal

In the Heal and Seal module, we will identify and eliminate key inflammatory triggers along with the main factors that create intestinal permeability, AKA Leaky Gut. Many people have leaky gut and don't even know it! This module will provide you with invaluable information to 'put out the fires' within, repair your leaky gut, and kickstart your healing response!

image Module 4 Eliminate

This module dives deep into the multitude of microbiological, biochemical, and environmental obstacles that you may be facing on a daily basis. It is very likely that you are not even aware of these obstacles which are affecting your health on a significant level. In this module, we will identify and remove these roadblocks in a way that does not overwhelm you or your body.

image Module 5 Add

The Add module is about bringing some GOODNESS back into your gut. You will learn about the latest treatments and strategies that are based on cutting-edge science. These strategies are effective, easy, and even fun to implement. Not to mention, they will impact your gut and its ability to heal!

image Module 6 Lifestyle

In this module, you will learn some of the most powerful, yet often hidden factors that help us achieve optimal gut health. Many of these factors have mistakenly been neglected or overlooked in the past, which can stall and even halt progress. You will learn how to apply these principles in order to improve your health and overall well-being.

6+ Hours of Bonus Interviews, Access to a Private Facebook Group, and Unique PDF Downloads

image bonus 1 10 Expert

Hear from the top experts in the field of gut health! Learn about what practitioners such as Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. David Jockers, Dr. Chris Zaino have to say about the gut! These expert interviews are available exclusively within the Healthy Gut Institute to help you kick this frustrating illness to the curb once and for all.

image Bonus 2 Assessment & PDF Handouts

Take the self-assessment created specifically for the Healthy Gut Institute to help you identify areas to focus on and to help track your progress. You will also have the opportunity to download and use 70 additional PDFs and worksheets designed to help you on your healing journey. They will help you to identify the culprits of your gut health issues so that you can head down a path to healing your gut issues for good.

image Bonus 3 Private Facebook Group

Get INSTANT access to our private Healthy Gut Institute Facebook Support Group! Join our community to get help and support from myself and others. Here, I will conduct Facebook LIVE Q&A sessions in order to help answer all of your gut health questions along the way!

Before you Decide Whether or Not This Program is For You, I Must Tell You Why It's DIFFERENT From Other Online Gut Health Programs

  • It's THE Most Comprehensive Gut Program Online

  • It's the Only Program That Combines Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Naturopathic Principles

  • It's Easy to Implement, High Impact and Results in Life Changing Outcomes

  • You Will Have Direct Contact with Dr. Dempster, ND Through the Private Healthy Gut Institute Facebook Group

Take Advantage of Our Limited Time Offer!



Get started and find your way to a healthy gut once and for all!
I Am Ready To Heal My Gut!

Meet Your Mentor:

Dr. John Dempster, ND

Dr. John Dempster, ND is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor and the Founder and Instructor of the Healthy Gut Institute. He is also the Founder and Medical Director of The Dempster Clinic – Center for Functional Medicine located in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Dempster, ND focuses on a Functional Medicine model when treating patients who suffer from various conditions such as digestive and gut health issues, mental illness, autoimmune disease, and more. Dr. Dempster has completed an advanced fellowship in Functional, Regenerative, and Anti-Aging Medicine and is an advocate for integrative and evidence based medicine.

Dr. Dempster, ND believes in the importance of living a well-balanced life. He is extremely passionate about the outdoors and is an avid downhill skier, fly fisherman and white water canoeist. When not working on helping people heal, Dr. Dempster, ND keeps busy with his wife raising their two young children.

“It is my sincere belief that YOU can achieve an optimal state of health and well-being.” - Dr. Dempster

Order This Entire Online Program Right Now and You Will Receive

  • SIX Easy to Follow Modules to Help you Heal Your Gut in 6 Weeks or Less

  • Access to the Healthy Gut Institute PRIVATE Facebook Page Support Community & Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. Dempster, ND Himself!

  • 10 BONUS Interviews with top Experts in Gut Health such as Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. David Jockers

  • Over 70 Downloadable Worksheets and Guides, Including the Healthy Gut Institute Shopping List

  • Dr. Dempster's Gut Health Supplement Guide

  • Save Yourself Countless Hours Searching for a Solution

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I am so confident that if you follow this program (and take advantage of all the resources and bonuses) you will see results, which is why I am willing to take the risk! If you are not 100% satisfied with the program, please contact us within 60 days of the purchase date in order to receive a full refund.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this program right for ME?

    This program is designed for people struggling with gut health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis. However, this program is also applicable to those who are suffering from symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation, heartburn, GERD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep deprivation, skin issues (such as eczema), headaches, immune complications, or joint pain.

    This step-by-step online program encompasses many of the strategies Dr. John Dempster, ND utilizes when working with his very own patients at his Toronto based clinic. His patients have seen incredible results in restoring their gut health and now you too have access to Dr. Dempster, ND’s knowledge and expertise!

  • What if I have not been officially diagnosed?

    If you are experiencing symptoms such as: diarrhea, bloating, constipation, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, skin issues (such as eczema), headaches, or joint pain - this program can be highly effective in helping you restore your gut health as well as reduce or eliminate your symptoms. If you are having these symptoms (and others) consistently, I would recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any health program.

  • Will I receive support directly from Dr. Dempster, ND?

    ABSOLUTELY! Your program registration will include access to Dr. Dempster, ND’s Healthy Gut Institute PRIVATE Facebook group. In this group, Dr. Dempster, ND will log on periodically for Q&A's and provide additional new and relevant material.

  • Will this program help me lose weight?

    While weight loss is not the ultimate priority in this program, if you are overweight and follow the program, it is very likely that you will experience weight loss.

  • How much time is required to complete the program?

    It should take you approximately SIX weeks to get through the content of this program (provided that you are spending a few hours each week on it). The more you put into the program, the more you will gain from it. The content is divided into six modules plus a bonus module with expert interviews.

  • How long will I have access to the program for?

    When you purchase the Healthy Gut Institute program, you will instantly receive LIFETIME access including all bonus materials. This way, you can take your time going through the program and come back at any time to review lessons and all bonus content. You will also gain access to any new information, which is only accessible to the private Facebook group.

  • Do I have to purchase supplements or medication in order to complete this program?

    There is no requirement to purchase any supplements for this program. At times, Dr. Dempster, ND suggests supplements that can help you reach certain health goals. These supplements are often available at many high quality pharmacies or health and wellness stores. They can also be purchased on Amazon. Dr. Dempster, ND makes reference to various supplements throughout the program in order to help you decide which ones may help you on your journey to gut health restoration.

  • I purchased the program and requested access to the exclusive Healthy Gut Institute Private Facebook Group. Why has my request not been accepted yet?

    Sometimes the name and email address on your Facebook account does not match the information you used to purchase the Healthy Gut Institute program. If this is the case, please email us at and our customer support team will be sure to add you to the group as soon as possible!

  • What currency is this program offered in?

    The program fee is listed in US currency and is available for purchase and accessible worldwide (conversion rates apply).


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